STS B 11 Cash Counting with Fake Note Detection

11250/ Pieces

STS B 11 Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection is a reliable solution for businesses seeking precision and security in their cash handling processes. Combining advanced counting technology with robust counterfeit detection features, this machine offers peace of mind by ensuring accurate and trustworthy results. It is suitable for banks, financial institutions, retail stores, hotels, and businesses of all sizes that require efficient and secure cash handling solutions.

Note Detection Features:

  • Accurate Counting: Utilizes advanced sensors and algorithms to count currency notes with exceptional accuracy, minimizing errors and discrepancies in cash handling processes.
  • Fake Note Detection: Equipped with sophisticated counterfeit detection mechanisms, including UV, MG, IR, and image recognition, to identify and reject counterfeit notes effectively.
  • Mixed Denomination Counting: Capable of counting mixed denomination currency stacks, allowing for efficient processing of diverse cash collections without the need for pre-sorting.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Offers adjustable sensitivity settings for counterfeit detection, allowing users to customize detection thresholds based on specific currency requirements and preferences.
  • Batch Function: Enables users to preset batch sizes for automatic bundling of currency notes, streamlining cash handling tasks and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Large Display: Features a clear and easy-to-read display screen for quick verification of counting results and detection alerts, enhancing user convenience and productivity.
  • Compact and Durable Design: Designed with a compact footprint and sturdy construction, the STS B 11 is built to withstand daily use in busy cash handling environments while conserving valuable space.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Intuitive controls and a simple interface make operation straightforward, allowing users to perform counting and counterfeit detection tasks with ease.

Product Details:

Machine Type Detection Machine
Material Steel
Shape Rectangle
Finish Non Polished
Display LCD
Focus Basic Counting With Counterfeit Detection
Model Name STS B 11
Detection Method Magnetic Ink Detection, UV Light Verification, Spectral Analysis
Speed Number Of Notes Processed Per Minute
Feed Mechanism Automatic Feeder, Manual Feed Slot
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi
Suitable For Commercial Banks
Rust Resistance Yes
Features Easy To Use, Faster Work, Low Maintainance, Classic Look, High Strength
Manufacture By Systematiks
Origin India
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